“Ohne Titel”

The wooden spokes with the gold surface refer to the divinity and holiness in nature and at the same time seek reference with the cultural context of the site. This sign wants to draw attention to the particular location, the nature and the landscape.

〉 Ladin

Chisc rais de lëgn indorà se referësc al divin y al sant tla natöra, y chir tl medemo tëmp le lian cun le contest cultural dl post. Cun chësc sëgn déssel gnì ot la perzeziun sön n post en particolar, sön la natöra y sön la contrada.

〉 Italiano

I raggi in legno con la superficie dorata si rifanno alla divinità e alla santità nella natura e nello stesso tempo cercano il riferimento con il contesto culturale del luogo. Questo segno vuole attirare l’attenzione su un posto in particolare, sulla natura e il paesaggio. 

〉 Deutsch

Diese Strahlen aus Holz mit vergoldeter Oberfläche weisen auf das Göttliche und Heilige in der Natur und gleichzeitig auf den kulturellen Hintergrund des Landes hin. Mit diesem Zeichen soll die Wahrnehmung auf einen bestimmten Ort, die Natur und Kulturlandschaft gelenkt werden.

Forcela de Furćia ridge and Furćia Alp in the Pöz-Odles nature reserve - Every three years, men young and old from Val Badia's twelve towns walk in procession to the old Jeunn bishop's see, which is now a monastery, located above the small town of Chiusa, in Val di Isarch. The pilgrimage is a tradition going back over the centuries and leads the faithful from Val Badia on a three-day hike that crosses the valleys and mountain ridges. The pilgrims arrive in the neighbouring valley, Funes, crossing the "Ju de Furćia" (the "cross" mountain ridge, also known as S. Zenon pass) at 2,293 m and following an ancient path that linked Val di Isarch to Val Badia. The area around the Furćia Alp falls within the Pöz-Odles nature reserve and is one of the "Natura 2000" areas, having more than earned a place among the Dolomites, a world heritage site. The "Ju de Furćia" ridge and the Furćia Alp are also included on European walking route no.2, which goes from Munich all the way to Venice.

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