This large sled is insipired form the shape of the traditional sleds of the past that were used in winter in the alpine regions for wood and hay transport. While the original models had a lenght of 1,60 m, this sled, made by Lützenburg is 5 m long, almost 3 m high and 2 m wide. Unlike the traditional sleds this one was painted red.

〉 Ladin

Chësta gran liösa asmata les liöses tradizionales da inlaôta che gnô anuzades d’invern ti raiuns dles Alpes por menè lignan y fëgn. Sce i modì originai ê lunć za. 1,60 m, é la liösa de Lützenburg lungia 5 m, por n’altëza de prësc 3 m y na larghëza de 2 m. A desfarënzia dles liöses da zacan i àn dè jö a cöce.

〉 Italiano

Questa grande slitta si rifà nella forma alle slitte tradizionali del passato che venivano usate in inverno nelle regioni alpine per il trasporto di legna e fieno. Mentre i modelli originali avevano una lunghezza di circa 1,60 m, la slitta realizzata da Lützenburg è lunga 5 m, per un’altezza di quasi 3 m e una larghezza di 2 m. A differenza delle slitte tradizionali è stata dipinta di rosso.

〉 Deutsch

Der Schlitten folgt in der Form den traditionellen Hörnerschlitten, so wie sie im Alpenraum zum winterlichen Transport von Holz und Heu benutzt wurden. Während die originalen Vorbilder eine Länge von za. 1,60 m haben, hat dieser Schlitten eine Länge von 5 m, bei einer Höhe von 3 m und einer Breite von 2 m. Im Gegensatz zu den Vorbildern weist dieser Schlitten eine rote Farbfassung auf.

Viles (hamlets) south of Longiarü - On the banks of the River Seres, set among the hamlets of Seres and Miscì, a number of old country mills have been restored and brought back to life. Once upon a time, they were vital to the work of the farmsteads and for preparing essential foods. Today, the mills instead stand as testimony to a peasant culture that belongs to the past and to the country folk's resourcefulness and ability to survive. There are also various farmhouses that have stood the test of time well in the typical rural Ladin settlements, known as "viles". The throngs of tourists visiting the Longiarü "viles" in summer and autumn never fail to be pleasantly impressed. But the Seres and Miscì hamlets are not the only places of interest worth a visit. The itinerary also takes in the Lagoscel and Plan "viles", which afford amazing views over the valley and mountains all around.

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