This artwork wants to give life to a dialogue with your future self. Just relax and focus on your thoughts. Welcome in your mind images and experiences that you have inside yourself. Write a postcard to your future self. Address it to yourself and tuck it in the soul’s mailbox with a small contribution for the stamp, if you like. You will get the postcard with the message that you wrote on the Antersasc mountain.

Antersasc Alp and Pöz - The isolated Antersasc Alp (2,085 m), which is located in the Pöz-Odles Nature Reserve, has been the subject of much heated discussion in recent years, even spilling over into the national and foreign press. The reason for such controversy is the plan to build a road through the as yet unadulterated Antersasc valley. A pass takes you from the Antersasc Alp – which is very popular with ski mountaineers and hikers – through to the Pöz Alp, which is a highly sought-after destination, especially in summer.

〉 Ladin

Chësta opera ô dè vita a n dialogh cun to iö da indoman. Làscete dofora y gòdetela. Lascia passè tres i ponsiers y tol sö messaji, imajes y esperiënzes che t’as daite. Scrî a to iö da indoman na cherta cun n messaje. Adressëia la cherta a te instës y sciürela tla cassëta dla posta dl’anima, sce t’ôs, adöm cun na spënora por le martl. Al te ruvarà durcheltan la cherta cun le dialogh sön la munt de Antersasc. 

〉 Italiano

Quest’opera vuole dare vita a un dialogo con il tuo io futuro.  Rilassati e concentrati sui tuoi pensieri. Accogli nella tua mente immagini e esperienze che hai dentro di te. Scrivi una cartolina al tuo io futuro. Indirizzala a te e infilala nella cassetta della posta dell’anima insieme, se vuoi, ad un piccolo contributo per il francobollo. Riceverai la cartolina con il dialogo sul monte di Antersasc. 

〉 Deutsch

Das Werk ist ein Bergdialog mit deinem zukünftigen Ich. Lehne dich zurück und genieße. Lass die Gedanken vorüberziehen und empfange innere Botschaften und Bilder. Schreibe deinem zukünftigen Ich eine Postkarte. Adressiere die Post an dich und wirf sie in den Seelenbrief-kasten. Gib, wenn du magst, eine Briefmarkenspende. Erhalte in der Zukunft deine Postkarte vom Bergdialog auf der Antersasc Alm.

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