“Il riflesso del cielo” 

The idea is to leave a mark that creates a connection between heaven and earth. The artwork is made of triangular metallic elements and each of them gives life to reflections of light that ex-pand in various directions. The metal with its contrasting reflections becomes one with the surrounding nature.

〉 Ladin

L’idea de chësta opera é chëra da lascè n sëgn che dais vita a n coliamënt danter le cil y la tera. Vignun di elemënć triangolars de metal che mët adöm le laûr dl artist iapanesc cheriëia reflesciuns de löm che se sleria fora te deplü direziuns. Le metal,  elemënt contrastant, dess gnì tres i reflesc "döt un" cun la natöra incëria.

〉 Italiano

L’idea è quella di lasciare un segno che crei un collegamento fra il cielo e la terra. Ciascuno degli elementi metallici triangolari che formano l’opera dà vita a dei riflessi di luce che si espandono in varie direzioni. Il metallo, elemento contrastante, diventa tramite i riflessi un tutt’uno con la natura che è intorno.  

〉 Deutsch

Die Grundidee besteht darin, ein Zeichen zu kreieren, das Himmel und Erde verbindet. Die Dreiecke aus Metall strahlen die Reflexionen des Lichtes in alle Richtungen aus und das "Fremde" des Metalles wird von den Elementen der Natur gänzlich übertönt.  

Les Ćialdires close to the Longiarü valley - There are hidden, isolated places where you can still come into contact with the forces and energy of nature, lifting an otherwise ordinary day, even if just for a few minutes. Myths and legends are often rooted in the vicinity of rivers and lakes, and not just in the Ladin valleys.  Here, where fresh water flows and constantly changes (a concept expressed in Greek with "panta rei"), fantastic figures still appear, such as enchanting women or ancient creatures – half woman, half goat – that are known in folk tradition as Anguanes. Anyone lucky enough to enjoy these mystical places today cannot fail to appreciate that there is an exciting world of wonder beyond the images fed to us by television and the internet.

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