“Fiori Sonori”

The artwork is a sound sculpture made of iron and steel. The stalk-shaped supports are made of iron and hold up the circular, already used, saw blades of steel, which have been smoothed so that they are not dangerous. The blades were chosen with care and attention for their intonati on.  The sound is clear and rich of harmonics, similar to the sound of church bells or Tibetan bells that are used for meditation.

〉 Ladin

L’opera é na scultöra dal sonn fata de fer y de acià. Les flus é andeles de zircolares reziclades, tignides sö da mani de fer. Les lames é gnüdes chirides fora cun na atenziun particolara a so sonn y söa intonaziun. Le sonn tler y rich de armonisaziun ti somiëia a chël dles ćiampanes de dlijia o de iampaneles tibetanes adorades por la meditaziun.

〉 Italiano

L’opera è una scultura sonora in ferro e acciaio. I sostegni a forma di stelo sono in ferro e sorreggono le lame delle seghe circolari d’acciaio usate, levigate in modo da non creare pericolo. Esse sono state scelte con cura e attenzione per la loro intonazione. Il suono limpido e ricco di armonici è simile a quello delle campane delle chiese o di quelle tibetane usate per la meditazione. 

〉 Deutsch

Es handelt sich um ein Kunstwerk aus Eisen und Stahl. Die abgenutzten Sägeblätter wurden dem Müll entnommen, dann poliert und entschärft. Sie stellen in erschiedenen Größen die Blüten der Blumen dar. Ihr Klang sollte harmonisch auf Menschen einwirken und erinnert sowohl an die Kirchenglocken unserer Region wie auch an die Tibetischen Meditationsglocken.

Piz de Plaies, mysterious clearing sitting above the Plaies forest (1,500m) - There are numerous paths criss-crossing "Piz de Plaies", the highest point of the "Bosch da Plaies" (Plaies forest).  This isolated and mysterious place is home to a small clearing, created and preserved by nature. It is a place that conveys calm and tranquillity, that induces meditation and urges you to plunge into the legendary and mythological world of the Ladin people.

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