Luca Rossi's work consists of seven giant wooden letters: “IMG 3733”. It's the file name given to all videos that are uploaded on Youtube without a title. This name will sound incomprehensible, motionless and inaccessible to those who are not so familiar with the digital world. His creation is effective only if the viewer doesn't limit his experience to the vision, activates his curiosity and does a web search. Thus, his work creates a way to discover a microcosm that is apparently marginal. It is a contrast between letters and digits, so raw and bare, and the bustling polychrome landscape around them. 


Picolin, the "Strada de la Vena" and the old bishop's forge in Alfur, San Martin

Picolin is located between the old Val Badia road and the "Strada de la Vena", a route used to carry iron from Fursil to Val Badia in late-mediaeval times. Various historical buildings and the chapel dedicated to St Anthony stand as testimony to the importance of the place in terms of its strategic interest to the nobles and clergy. Above all, "Ćiasa dl Maier", once headquarters of the bishop's forge in Alfur, and the Alfur hamlet itself are of great historical interest. The new "Piz de Plaies" cableway base station was built along the road a few years ago, on the section between "Ćiasa dl Maier" and "Alfur".


Loc. 1, Strada de La Vena
Collettivo artistico Luca Rossi, Imola, ITA