The artwork of Luca Chiesura is installed in the middle of green mountain meadows: it's a huge print of a frame from the film “Night Shift” (1982), printed on eco-friendly material. It shows a couple hugging each other in a bath. The choice of this specific frame has a biographical explanation in the current mood of the artist. The photo wants to underline the importance of affection, love and friendship. For the artist, this work also represents a mathematical theorem, including its proof (albeit based on unconventional mathematics): this way, he creates a contrast but also a complementary relationship between conceptual action, strictly rational, and passion, eminently emotional and transcendentally irrational.


Chi Jus, Antermëia

On the highest spot of the Monte Muro at 2332 meters hikers arriving from Antermëia, Rina e Luson meet. Sometimes the least known places that offer a very unique view. Here we also find the border between the municipalities of Luson, San Martin and Mareo.


Loc. 7. Chi Jus
Luca Chiesura, Belluno, ITA