“Der Haps” is a perceptual experience. Artists Amin Hak-Hagir and Irene Hopfgartner place a black prism with a square base on top of a hill in the middle of an isolated plot. The art object arouses curiosity and irritation, the result of the sharp contrast with the setting. A viewer that decided to get closer, would see that it is an anechoic chamber that a person can enter to isolate himself completely from outside sounds, noises and light; the lack of stimuli will make people focus almost necessarily on themselves. Upon abandoning the safe space, the viewer shall experience a form of hypersensitivity that will change his feeling before a view that is familiar but new at the same time.


Munt d’Adagn, Lungiarü

Every three years, men from Val Badia's twelve villages walk in procession to the old Jeunn bishop's see, which is now a monastery, located above the small town of Chiusa, in Val di Isarch. The pilgrimage is a tradition going back over the centuries and leads the faithful from Val Badia on a three-day hike that crosses the valleys and mountain ridges. Some pilgrims arrive in the neighbouring valley, Funes, crossing the "Ju de Furćia" (the "cross" mountain ridge, also known as S. Zenon pass) at 2,293 m thorough the path of the Munt d’Adagn, which is a beautiful panoramic spot with green meadows in summer and white snow in winter.


Loc. 5. Munt d'Adagn
Amin Hak-Hagir, Irene Hopfgartner, Wien, AUT