Ilyn Wong's site specific creation consists in stitching the soil using naturally dyed red woollen yarn. The artist has chosen geometric patterns inspired by alpine textile crafts that have a long tradition of seamstresses, tailors and needlewomen. Thanks to the gesture of embroidery, it's possible to combine the art of craftsmanship with the innovation of contemporary art, where instead of using needle and thread that are limited by the frame or the loom, the artist wanders freely on the ground. This way, he creates a contrast between the natural threads of grass and those of wool. The artist gives the viewer the opportunity to have a dialogue, though only imaginary, with the people and the story behind this tradition.


Pra de Pütia, Antermëia

The meadows at the foot of the Sas de Pütia and the Maier landslide, Antermëia – The „Prà de Pütia“, located to the north of the Sas de Pütia, provide a magnificent view of the Dolomites. The vast meadows which flank the mountain are used to graze cattle and for haymaking. The “Roa dl Maier” is a place between Börz and Saspütia, where visitors can admire some of the most beautiful and important geological formations of the Dolomites.


Loc. 6. Pra de Pütia, Börz
Ilyn Wong, Berlin, D