The work of Gaia Lionello deals in a very explicit way with the theme of the contrast between nature and industry. The installation is composed of nineteen fibreglass stumps, painted black and arranged to form a triangle. The stumps have a very clear cut and allude to the indiscriminate exploitation of soil, while the title evokes memories of the large Germanic forest that in the past was hit by a terrible plague. Also the triangular shape is in sharp contrast to the shapes of nature. In this case, then, we are faced with an artwork that makes us reflect on a current topic, making us more responsible towards ongoing climate change.


Plan de Corones, Mareo

The Plan de Corones, above all a skiing tourist locality, is a massif shaped like a bread bun, of volcanic origin, and which marks the north-western border of the Dolomites. Thanks to its extension, it provides a wide-angle view of the surrounding mountains. Since 2015, it has been home to one of the mountain museums set up by the extreme rock climber, Reinhold Messner. The name "Plan de Corones" alludes at the legendary crowning of princess Dolasilla, the brave warrior heroine of Ladin legends.


Loc. 8 Plan de Corones
Gaia Lionello, Mestre, ITA