Artist Fabiano De Martin Topranin has placed his wooden sculpture in the Fanes location, a place steeped in Ladin myths and legends. His work does not represent a character drawn from or inspired by this ancient tradition, but an astronaut. He has landed on our planet to explore it and this represents with slight irony our ostentatious pursuit of the other, of other planets, of the increasingly remote beyond. And as we face his gaze, our sense of wonder is renewed before the amazing rock formations of the Dolomites with their surprising anthropomorphic aspect and the plateaus that slightly resemble the lunar surface. The outside world is reflected in the reflecting visor: our perception is split and is lost in the sublime surrounding scenery.


FANES, Mareo

Fanes - Inside the Fanes malga, which extends pleasantly amid the mighty mountain peaks, the Ladin legends, which took shape here, come alive. Incredible rock formations reveal surprising anthropomorphisms to the curious visitor. A stop in the parliament of the marmots will enable him/her to assist in the discussions of these animals, totems of the ancient kingdom of Fanes, the rebirth of which is still awaited.


Loc. 9. Fanes
Fabiano De Martin Topranin, Bolzano, ITA