The work of David Duzzi consists in the installation of some beds in the woods, with a hole at head height from which a person can observe the soil of the forest beneath him. His work comes from the idea of making a comparison between the type of nature we are accustomed to, on a "macroscopic" scale (clouds, mountains, trees), and a kind of "microscopic" nature, made of insects, moss, lichens, mushrooms and other parts that otherwise would not be at the centre of our attention. The world of the understory will show its amazing vitality only to those who will decide to take the time to lay down and explore a new universe, almost parallel.


Les Ćialdires and Pares, Lungiarü

The springs close to the Longiaru valley are one of those hidden and isolated places where human beings can feel the forces of nature. The water element, also important in myths and legends (the Ganes always lived close to a spring or lake), creates synergies that kindle the imagination and spirit of whosoever stops in those places. 


Loc. 4 Pares
David Duzzi, Bolzano, ITA